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What is this service about

Dealt can be resumed as a service marketplace, on one side you have Customers that are looking for services and on the other side you have Experts that are ready to give services

However there are three main differences with a traditionnal marketplace

  • Dealt is responsible for experts recruitment
  • Your customers are automatically matched with the best experts available in their area

Basically, all you have to do is to integrate our services via API and let your customers enjoy the service

And even better, since we take care of giving your clients a dedicated tracking link for each of their services requests, it's likely that you'll only need to integrate two API call to our services to get everything up and running!


Here are the terms we're using through our services and guides, if everything is not crystal clear yet then this should help!


An expert is an individual or a company that is registered to our platform.

  • They have to go through a complete and extensive qualification process.
  • They are notified whenever they are selected by our matchmaking algorithm and have then to accept or the decline the offer.


A customer is... a customer :)

  • They will never be contacted by our services for marketing purposes, if fact, they don't even have proper "user account" on our side
  • They will receive a tracking link as soon as they submit a mission
  • If they need, our customer service is available via chat or phone to answer their questions and solve all of their problems


An offer is the equivalent of a product on a traditional product marketplace

  • They are tailor made to your needs and are defined by our team
  • The price will be defined by our team so it stay fair for everyone


A mission could be seen as an order on a classic e-commerce platform

  • They have a price, a status, an adress...
  • They have a dedicated tracking number that your customers will receive by text so they will be able to easily talk with their designated expert or contact our support
  • They can be canceled using our API

Production and test environments

Easy as cake

One production endoint

One test endoint

You should also be provided with two API Keys, one for each environement, they should remain private, so make sure to keep them safe :)

Also note that those API are server sides only and should not be called directly by your clients browsers


Pro tip: by visiting those API endpoints with a web browser you will by able to live try our services using the integrated playground!


The easiest way to get stated is by exploring our guide to integrate Dealt.

Alternatively, our API server following GraphQL standards, you can explore the live documentation using GraphQL Playground